To achieve our vision of a vibrant community hub for people to be, we have the following:

Customers  - YOU, 

Volunteers/Peer Mentors - valuable members of the team who give their time freely to ensure the EDGE remains a vital community resource, sharing their own experiences of their journey in addiction, or struggles with their mental health, offering a friendly face and a listening ear to those who require it.

Staff - Salaried staff who manage The EDGE - Sarah - Cafe Manager, Gail - Recovery Hub Manager, Joe, Clem, Sue and Jun - Cafe Staff

Closer Board - a mix of staff, volunteers, local community and partners who meet monthly and have input into the day-to-day running of the cafe - should we have a BBQ? is there more we can do? Are we making the most of what we have etc.

Directors - volunteer directors who guide The EDGE:

  • Tom Jefford - Business Strategy
  • Tracy Thompson - Staff wellbeing/training
  • Geoff Thornley - Finances and IT
  • Dan Thorp - Communications & media

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