Our Vision


To improve the lives of of those that need us, we will be a place to be, a place to belong and a step on the path to recovery, showing that recovery from dependency on drugs or alcohol is possible.

Our Mission


We believe that what we can grow a network of positive relationships and experiences that stretch from our cafe and out into the world, by bringing people together & helping build social stability in each others' lives.  

We will provide a beautiful, safe, warm, drug & alcohol free space and community to anchor people in the sustained recovery they need to gain and maintain access to housing, social & health services, healthy relationships, education and employment. By sharing experiences & knowledge, linking with our local community & recovery groups, offering peer support & mentoring, promoting healthy social values, supporting emotional wellbeing and arranging social events we believe peoples lives can & do change for the better.

Without ongoing recovery support, the challenge of maintaining stability in mental health, relationships, housing & employment and breaking cycles of destruction may feel nearly impossible.

The Edge is a holding place for people looking for support in their long term recovery. 

We also do a mean cup of coffee!




Our Values

Peer led recovery café open to all

Supporting our local community

Promoting sustainable recovery